Targeting Latin American Gamers: Noob to Pro

AOC has the full lineup of monitors for every type of gamer, from Noob to Pro. Our integrated campaign “LA GAMA MÁS COMPLETA” in Latin America resulted in 1,000 new social followers.

AOC’s goal is to be the brand leader and trusted expert in the gaming market and to create awareness of their full line of gaming monitors in Latin America.

We created the campaign "LA GAMA MÁS COMPLETA," which centralizes the notion that AOC has a monitor for every kind of gamer, from Noob to Pro. The campaign included print ads, in-store displays, paid search, display and social ads, public relations, an influencer program in 3 key markets and a landing page inviting consumers to participate in a contest that was used to capture leads. The campaign resulted in more than 5M impressions in one month and nearly 1,000 new social followers.

Graphic of seven different AOC monitors with video game graphics and scenery on screen and in background.