Driving Karaoke to New Markets

Leading U.S. karaoke brand, The Singing Machine, needed to establish brand awareness and create engagement for their latest creation, Carpool Karaoke, the Mic., while supporting their overall marketing strategy.

The Singing Machine, the leading karaoke brand in the U.S., sought to position their brand extension, Carpool Karaoke, the Mic., as the newest entertainment product of choice. The goal was to establish brand awareness and create engagement, while supporting the overall corporate marketing strategy throughout Singing Machine’s social media channels.

We created strategic content and targeted key influencers to tell the story of Carpool Karaoke, the Mic. on social media. We sent media kits out to people with well-known profiles in the target demographic so they could test the product and then share with their followers how unique and how much fun it really is in everyday situations. Along with targeting social media influencers, we earned a feature segment on NBC/Telemundo’s popular morning show “Un Nuevo Dia.”

Front view of two men and two women seated in car. All are  smiling, dancing and singing using the Carpool Karaoke product.