COVIDIOMS to End COVIDIOCY: Timeless Sense for Crisis Leaders

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As if our Founder and CEO Steve Rosa wasn’t busy enough leading our team and client partners through the worst pandemic in 100 years, he also spent many sleepless nights writing a book to help overwhelmed crisis communication leaders.

Steve was appalled at the lack of common-sense leadership and communications on display in government, business, and communities as the pandemic took hold. His book, COVIDIOMS to End COVIDIOCY: Timeless Sense for Crisis Leadership, Communications and Management offers common-sense dos and don’ts for leaders managing teams during any crisis.

After three decades growing (add)ventures, Steve wanted to share real-world lessons learned from helping Fortune 500 companies and major brands navigate through almost every crisis imaginable — like the COVID-19 pandemic, 9/11, recessions, scandals, burst bubbles, and hostile extraterrestrial takeovers. (Just kidding on the ET takeovers. Steve has worked for space industry clientele, but NASA hasn’t asked him to consult on UFOs just yet).

As our creative OG, it’s no surprise that Steve took an original approach to these crisis leadership lessons. He decided to explore idioms — old common-sense sayings passed along like batons between generations — to convey simple yet powerful, memorable wisdom. Idioms are still widely used today, even though some of their meaning or common-sense context may have been lost along the way.

“The idioms I chose for COVIDIOMS express common sense that still seems so uncommon as the pandemic rages on,” said Steve. “Managing what I call COVIDIOCY is a complex, difficult endeavor that COVIDIOMS can ease in a unique, creative, and relatable way. My hope is that people find the COVIDIOMS a little insightful and a bit of fun that inspires more thoughtful leadership.”

Great leaders never throw in the towel.

One of Steve’s favorite COVIDIOMS is: Great leaders never throw in the towel. In the face of adversity, they stand toe to toe and keep fighting.

“Leading is never easy, and it’s even harder in times of crisis,” he concludes. “In my humble opinion, great leaders project calm while earning trust and staying-power. They let the needs of those they serve guide their decision-making, not their power, ego or greed.”

COVIDIOMS to End COVIDIOCY, available on Apple Books, is free for everyone’s enjoyment. Steve chose to offer his book free because he wants his leadership lessons to be available without barriers for everyone’s benefit. Even more — for every download of COVIDIOMS to End COVIDIOCY, Steve will donate $5 to the American Nurses Foundation's Coronavirus Response Fund for Nurses.

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