Chasing the story, instead of the sun: How virtual production gives us more creative control

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Virtual video production is disrupting the industry status quo. One of the ways it is changing how we approach production is by giving us more creative control for our client partners.


If you’ve worked on a traditional video production–it’s almost guaranteed that something unexpected occurred. It was likely something that was unpredictable and completely out of the crew’s control.


A few classic examples from (add)venturists include racing to finish a shoot before an approaching hurricane hit; arriving on location to discover an abandoned bulldozer right in the middle of the shot; and stalling production until emergency responder sirens were out of earshot.


While these kinds of challenges build character and bolster resourcefulness, they can also add unnecessary stress to shoots - disrupting focus, flow and the creative execution. They can even lead to costly pivots due to the need for extra shoot days, location changes or overtime required to get the job done.


With virtual production, we now have total control of the environment including lighting, weather, crowds and whatever else might be needed to get the perfect shot. We’re able to reduce the number of variables associated with travel, obtaining permits, location scouting, and navigating local health ordinances with a more streamlined process in a more controlled environment.


This gives us more time on-set to focus on what matters most. Instead of navigating the unexpected, we’re more immersed in the scene and we have more time to work with talent. Now, chasing golden hour is completely on our terms. And the only thing we’re worried about capturing is the best story we can tell.