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As strategic consultants and creative designers working in diverse industries, (add)ventures recognizes common needs and develops (add)works products and training solutions. Our (add)works offerings are born from the (add)ventures mission to inform, inspire, recruit and retain brand stakeholders. As with everything we do, our these products are born out of our guiding principles to solve problems, make people happy and simplify complexity for humanity.

(add)works product tools, management solutions and training experiences are designed to increase organizational efficiency, unleash departmental creativity and enhance your own personal productivity. They help you in building and safeguarding the brands you are responsible for.

Our specialized solutions include:

SOLVEsession® – Success, Outcome, Leadership, Value & Evaluation
Our proprietary SOLVEsession® empowers (add)venturists and client partners to creatively and clearly define expectations at the outset of a large campaign, initiative or project so we can exceed them. Through these in-depth brainstorming sessions, we work with our client partners to gather and evaluate information needed to build consensus through our Inside-Out® branding approach. The result is a foundation for all the marketing, creative, advertising, interactive and public relations strategies.

SOLVEsessions® are lead by our team of marketing research, design and interactive professionals and they explore and prioritize campaign or initiative goals, success, objectives and outcomes.

While our SOLVEsessions® are intense, structured events, they, like all of our work, are creative, fun and lead our client partners to the “Aha Moment.”

This unique and sophisticated suite of online recruitment marketing management applications is aimed at solving difficult recruiting challenges. HireBranding was developed by our team and has already transformed the national recruiting efforts of Fortune 500 companies. It has been implemented nationwide in large-scale corporate environments and has proven to be a highly effective, cost-saving system critical to companies and organizations with recruiting needs.

HireBranding provides invaluable benefits and services to recruiters, managers and administrators, including cost tracking, real-time budget management, easy project tracking and accountability systems, and safe, password-protected online accessibility. These highly desirable qualities are coupled with a unique feature that allows use of and access to pre-developed marketing materials that infuse corporate branding and message in appropriate, pre-approved ways.

Building on (add)ventures’ in-depth understanding of brand communications and the need for consistent yet targeted messaging, HireBranding allows for customization to meet needs in various markets while applying predetermined design controls.

Our HireBranding product can be developed and designed to meet your company’s specific needs and requirements. Your company gets a managed, well-targeted message, while your recruiting team easily tracks accountability, budgets and project activity—all housed in a safe, virtual, 24/7 world available anytime, anywhere.

(add)thropology is the proprietary (add)ventures research discipline that helps us live our mission to inform, inspire, recruit and retain brand stakeholders. The discipline blends innovative market research methods, ethnographic cultural study and human factors design principles that enhance our team's innate powers of observation and intuition to make our incredible work even better. It empowers both client partners and (add)venturists to make bold, calculated and success-measured decisions that create opportunity, embrace diversity and enhance brand loyalty.

Brand Monogamy
By methodically combining (add)ventures' strategy + creative teams, we will build an all encompassing marketing campaign to ensure that your message is succinct, interesting and compelling to gain the attention, trust and allegiance of your stakeholders. Our specifically designed campaign will create a sense of Brand Monogamy between stakeholders and your brand.

A multipurpose digital app that allows you to "gift" resolution wishes to yourself, friends and family.  iResolve is your chance to inspire your friends and family to make positive changes in their lives... or perhaps poke a little fun and share some laughs.  This digital app can be customized and branded to enable companies to create an ongoing conversation with their clients about whatever it is they resolve to do.  Logical extensions of this app include athletic club members, weight loss program participants and anyone trying to change health behaviors, such as quitting smoking.

NICE is an acronym for Nuturers with Intelligence, Character and Energy. Through a rigorous interview process, prospective job applicants are evaluated based on their responses to various questions measuring their nurturing qualities, intelligence, character and energy level - all of the necessary qualities in being a productive team member. This hiring process can be applied to other businesses interested in attracting candidates that possess the same qualities and characteristics.

Media Training 101
Once the cameras have arrived, it’s too late to wonder if your remarks can be clipped into strong “sound bites” or if your non-verbal cues are sending the wrong message. (add)ventures can help by turning the camera on you so you’re ready to communicate crisp messages and answer the tough questions with poise and clarity.

The (add)ventures team of media training experts includes former news reporters and producers, as well as video and audio professionals, who have worked on the front lines as members of the press. Over the phone or in person, our media experts will interview you in advance of your media training session to determine your specific needs. We’ll hone in on the event you’re preparing for and the types of messages you’d like to convey.

Once our experts have a solid understanding of your needs – whether it’s an upcoming press conference, an event at which you’ll be speaking, or a crisis situation – we’ll develop a training session with correlating mock interview scenarios designed specifically for you.

We will brief you on practical tips, coach you in our media training room, and run you through a series of mock interviews while videotaping you – all conducted privately and in confidence. We’ll work with you to develop and control key, succinct messages; enhance your body language, posture and eye contact; and prepare you for “baited” questions from the media. Our experts will then review the videotape with you and provide recommendations for strengthening your on-camera performance.

You will leave Media Training 101 a more effective and powerful communicator. You will also receive a written summary and a videotape of your media training session. These reference tools will point out your areas of strength and provide you with tips for improving your execution of on-camera, radio, and print interviews.

(add)ventures IN Miami...and beyond.
There is no journey more rewarding for a marketer than a trip inside the heart and mind of your customers.

INmersión Miami - Cultural Immersion, Brand INtelligence experience trips.
(add)ventures IN Miami offers cultural immersion experiences to help our client partners better understand how to emotionally engage multicultural audiences with their brands. Guided by (add)ventures team members trained in (add)thropology, our proprietary branding research approach, you get to see the world your multicultural customers live in through their eyes. We customize every INmersión Observation trip to meet the experience needs of the key audiences and targeted cultural lifestyles. Truly understand how your customers feel, think and act by experiencing how they live ... with (add)ventures IN Miami.

Hispanic America Experience
Hispanic INmersión - Miami is the undisputed Mecca of Hispanic test marketing. An (add)ventures Cultural Immersion and Brand Exploration Experience will help you lay the foundation for Hispanic Marketing success across the United States.

Latin America Experience
Latin American Gateway Exploration - Miami is considered the capital of Latin America for good reason. Explore the potential of your brand’s marketing success in Latin America with the support of (add)ventures and convenience of Miami.

Urban America Experience
Future of American Cities Tour - Miami is the perfect case study to observe the multicultural promise and economic divide that will impact your urban business potential in the near future. The future has arrived in Miami.