Dunkin' Donuts

Opportunities Brewin'


Dunkin' Donuts recognized the need to show teens that the hospitality industry is not just a place for first jobs, but also a place to build careers. The company wanted to illustrate how a job in the hospitality industry could result in a successful career.


(add)ventures created Opportunities Brewin', a Web site that illustrates potential career paths within Dunkin' Donuts. The site features interesting success stories of professionals who climbed the ladder at Dunkin' Donuts toward successful and rewarding careers. Through Opportunities Brewin' users are able to post their job profiles online for every local Dunkin' Donuts store in the U.S.


Opportunities Brewin' provided Dunkin' Donuts with a consistently branded recruiting tool for franchise owners. This unique site serves as a "home base" for job applications from across the country. Since its launch, Opportunities Brewin' has generated more than 2,000 profiles per month from interested job candidates.