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(add)ventures team member wearing sunglasses standing in front of TV showcasing vaporwave design treatment

Talking all things Brutalism, Memphis and Vaporwave

We share the inside scoop on where to spot aesthetics like Vaporwave, Memphis and Brutalism in video, digital and beyond. ...

Providence Interns

Internviews: get to know our summer interns

Each year we invite current students and recent grads from different backgrounds to join our team. Meet them here! ...

Profanity Speech bubble tiles

To give, or not to give, a [email protected]?

We dig into about the pros and cons of using profane language in communications during a teamwide strategy session. ...

professional headshot of Teresina Francis, (add)ventures’ director, digital marketing/strategy

Welcoming integrated marketing expertise on our digital team

Teresina Francis joins our team as director, digital marketing/strategy. ...

photo of (add)ventures team posing at random acts of niceness event

Puppy love: Random acts of NICEness

Read how we’re making a difference through partnerships with organizations like Save One Soul Animal Rescue League. ...

Nicholas Corey, specialist, digital/strategy

Reflecting on the importance of internships

We chat with our specialist, digital/strategy Nick about his experience interning here for three semesters. ...

photo of (add)ventures’ digital team members

Growing our digital team with seasoned and new talent

Two promotions and two new hires at our New England headquarters. ...

Valentine Type Writer

My Valentine: Why the owner of a digital brand communications company just bought a typewriter

Read why our CEO Stephen Rosa is choosing his vintage Olivetti Valentine typewriter over touchscreens and tablets. ...

One video can't do it all

One video can’t do it all

It’s important to consider context – or where a video will be seen – right at the very beginning of a project. ...

Tator Tot Storytelling

Giving a boo

Writers gave the audience a “fright” and some laughs during this month’s Tater Tot & Tall Tales writing series! ...

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